The Transrapid reveals the response to the challenge of the 21st century. The railroad made the industrialization possible in the 19th century and so that has the economy, the society and the world changed became this process within the last century of the airplane and the automobile marked and strengthened together with the railroad like. This century will belong to the Transrapid. The Transrapid will nationally and internationally change and strengthen this process of the economic interweaving, still better, it will more environmentally harmless and faster more cheaply connect work, ground and capital the factors of production and therefore make them available better. The country which combines the work factors at the good and quick, makes without loss of time and everywhere disposable almost simultaneously is ahead in the international competition. Hours and even minutes count in the persons and freight traffic today. Time is cash money.

The technical characteristics of the TR are given by it, that the "car" doesn't run on a wheel as in the case of the railroad but that a magnetic field is built up between vehicle and road once. The magnetic field raises not only the vehicle about 1 cm over the road, in which you pull up and hold on the same distance from below, it permanently is built up so also in front of the magnetic railroad that the magnetic field stretches the train. Because North Pole and South Pole in the magnetic field get dressed.

From this technique the following advantages arise:

There isn't any friction as it is between wheel and linear path. Friction indicates once

  1. Resistance
  1. Wear: Transrapid/TGV = CD/Vinyl Disk (Principle from Markus Kraffczyk)
  1. high maintenance overhead

The ecological damages are low
  1. the elevated guideway causes minimal ground sealing and no urban spread of the landscape (for animals, people)
  1. the Transrapid of considerably few energy than the intercity express train consumes at the same speed
  1. the Transrapid is considerably more quiet than another means of transportation with the same speed and goes in the inner municipal traffic to be driving weighted noise itself at 200 kph in the noise level of a road driven on strongly.

The speed for a means of transportation on the ground in the commercial operation is unequalled.
the TR has at the moment are a maximum speed of 431 kph, over 500 kph in China there possibly, too. Speed indicates also shorter vehicle round-trip delays, d.h a conventional train with half cruising speed as comparatively, to transport around the same set of passengers the use of less cars. Therefore a saving also arises from the speed by the fact that one needs TR trains only half as much. The TR is superior to the wheel- / track system at the acceleration and at grades.
A guideway comes along it considerably less out, to the making and mode for high costs obligedly is for tunnels in mountainous regions